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Low Cost Funeral

What does a low cost funeral mean?  There are two options when it comes to a low cost funeral. Whether you want a burial or cremation, we offer a funeral service that has some restrictions put in place to keep costs down. Firstly, we ask that you arrange the funeral at one of our offices during working hours. Visitations to see your loved one at our chapel of rest must be made during open office hours. On the day of the funeral, the hearse will meet you at the chapel of rest at either the crematorium or cemetery. There is no provision made for a limousine and we would ask you to make your own way there. We would also ask you to arrange your own obituary notices, flowers or any other additional services that you require.

Alternatively, if you are not wanting to attend the cremation but maybe have your own memorial service or gathering later on, we can take care of this for you. You can visit your loved one in our chapel of rest before they are taken to the crematorium. You would not be able to attend the cremation but you would be able to go to the strewing or interment of the ashes or we could give them back to you. This can make things easier if you do not live in the area or are wanting to keep things simple.

With a low cost funeral we would collect the deceased from their place of death and take them into our care at any time. We will then prepare, care and dress your loved one in a gown that suits the interior of our traditional coffin. You will then be able to make an appointment to come and see your loved one during normal working hours. The funeral will usually take place in the early part of the morning and the family will not be allowed to attend. We will then arrange for you to strew or inter the ashes at a time that suits you, or you can collect them from us.

We still deliver a high standard of service regardless of what type of funeral you choose.

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