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Bespoke Funeral

In life, everyone is different. We are all individuals and sometimes it is more fitting for a funeral to be tailored to a loved one’s personality. Whether they had a particular hobby or passion for something or just liked to be different, we can help find something suitable.

First of all, there are many different vehicles available that you can hire. Not only can you hire our traditional black funeral fleet, but you can also hire a white fleet, including Cadillacs. Some people like to go towards the old fashioned method and use horse-drawn hearses.  For people that have a passion for less than 4 wheels you can hire a motor tricycle hearse or a range of motorcycle hearses. For the classic vehicle approach there is  a Morris Minor hearse, a Landrover or Volkswagen Campervan hearse & limousine, or even a 1950’s Leyland Beaver lorry.

Choosing the coffin to suit the person can be the hardest thing to decide. We have an extensive range of coffins and caskets that are suitable for anybody, made from a variety of different materials. There are many to choose from. You could choose a picture coffin with one of our designs or tailor one to suit you.

Over the years we have had many requests for something a bit different to happen at the funeral. We have had requests for doves and a variety of birds to be released at the funeral. More than one funeral has had a Bagpiper playing in parts of the service.

Even asking people to wear a particular colour or football shirt is a way to make it a little bit different and special.

Whatever you can think of or have seen before, we will endeavour to try to make it happen for you and your loved one.

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